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Frequently Asked Questions


What Does Allocated Mean?
An Allocated item is an item that is in high demand and short supply. When these items are in-stock, they are divided fairly between our sales executives. It is then up to the individual sales executive to distribute their allocation items. We do this so that all Lipsey's dealers have a fair chance to buy allocated items instead of one dealer buying all of the available inventory.

When you see an item marked as ALLOCATED on, add it to your WishList if you are interested in purchasing it. This lets your sales executive know what products you are looking for. Adding an item to your wish list does not guarantee you will be sold any allocated items, but it does let your sales executive know what your needs are.
What Is The Difference Between WishList Items And Favorite Items?
You'll eventually run into items that you wish to buy, but cannot at the time because the item is either out of stock or allocated. In that case, add the item to your WishList. Once you add an item to your WishList, your sales executive can monitor your account and contact you when these items are in-stock. You can also check view and maintain your WishList items at any time online. You can also add notes to your WishList items to aid you in remembering why you want to purchase the item.

The Favorites item list lets you create of collection of items that you frequently search for. It makes it easy to view and buy the core items you want to keep in-stock in your store at all times. You can add and remove Favorites at any time and your sales executive can view your Favorites list as well.
Is There An Easy Way To Compare Items?
Yes! If you hover your mouse cursor over a product image, you'll see a   and . You can add up to four items to compare by clicking the on each one, then choose the symbol to view them all side by side on one page.
How Do I Know Whatbs On Sale?
There is a dedicated Sales / Special Buys Page under the Catalog section of the navigation menu that lists all items currently on sale. You can filter and sort items to find what you are interested in.
How Do I Know What New Inventory Is Available?
There is a Recently Received Items Page under the Catalog section of the navigation menu. It is updated periodically with our most recently received inventory.
What Does TALO Mean? Are These Items Different From Lipseysb Exclusives?
TALO is an organization that works with manufacturers to create special edition firearms not found in their normal catalogs. Lipsey's is a leading member of the TALO group and proudly sells the catalog of TALO items.

A Lipseybs Exclusive is manufactured specifically for Lipsey's and can only be purchased from Lipsey's. is a website dedicated specifically to all of our great Lipsey's Exclusives.


How Do I Get On The Dealer Finder?
You must be a retail brick and mortar storefront open a minimum of 32 business hours and meet minimum purchasing requirements.
Please send images of your store signage, outside storefront pictures, and inside display area photos to your sales executive to get approved.

Once your business is on the dealer finder, you can view your current manufacturer badge progress visiting the Account Summary page.
I Need To Update My FFL Or SOT License. Where Do I Send It?
PLease send your signed FFL or SOT license to your sales executive or [email protected].
Can I Tell If I Received A Specific Serial Number From Lipsey's?
Visit the Serial Search Page under the My Account tab to search your serial number history.
I Want To Change Or Update My Payment Options. How Do I Do This?
Please contact your sales executive to start the process.

Terms Offered:
  • Credit Card - We accept all major credit cards, but there is a 3% processing fee on all credit card orders.
  • E-Check (ACH) - Within two days of your order shipping, we will automatically draft your account for the amount owed. Please contact your sales executive regarding the qualifications to earn eCheck (ACH) terms.
  • Net 30 Terms - All Invoices are due 30 days from the date your order ships. The total amount cannot exceed your credit limit. Please contact your sales executive regarding the qualifications to earn Net 30 Terms.


Is Inventory Held For Me When I Add Items To My Shopping Cart?
NO. Adding an item to your shopping cart does not hold inventory for you and there is no guarantee the item will remain in stock.

Go through the checkout process to guarantee the inventory is reserved for you.
How Do I Swap Accessories Between Handgun and Long Gun Carts?
When viewing your shopping cart, look for this button on the accessory line item you want to move. When you click it, we'll move the accessory to the other cart.

If you are viewing your Handgun cart, it will move to your Long Gun cart. If you are viewing your Long Gun cart, it will move to your Handgun cart.
How Can I Track My Shipments?
Visit the Invoice History Page to view invoice details and track your orders.
Where Can I Find Lipsey's Return Policy?
Our returns policy is found at