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Lipsey's Chrome Extension


Get Lipsey's Pricing & Availability From Anywhere On The Internet

Chrome Extension Example

Lipsey's leads the way in innovative firearms distribution. We're excited to introduce our new Chrome Browser Extension featuring the most used functionality of in a convenient web tool you can use from any website. Installing is fast, free and easy.

The extension allows for seamless price and availability comparisons as you browse the web. Curious if Lipsey's has an item in stock? Just a few clicks will give you the answer without having to leave the website you're on or switch tabs. Simply install and pin the extension, then log in with the same email address and password you use for


It makes your job easier. This tool was developed with our busy customers in mind. You've got other things to do besides sourcing and ordering inventory. Search Lipsey's catalog quickly without navigating away from the website you're on.

  • Streamline Your Workflow
  • Fast Access to Lipsey's Catalog
  • Most Used Website Features in a Compact Window
  • Compare Lipsey's Prices On The Fly
  • Never Leave the Site You're Browsing
  • Quick Link to Manage Your Lipsey's Account
  • Zero Cost and for Lipsey's Dealers Only!

How To Install The Lipsey's Chrome Browser Extension

Step 1

Step 2

  • Click the Puzzle Piece in the Top Right
  • Pin it using the thumb tack icon
  • Log in with your Email Address and Password